Meet Our Designers

Kaitlin Atwood Oliver

Kaitlin Atwood Oliver

From a young age, Kaitlin has had a passion for the arts. Her Mother, an art teacher, had a crayon in her hand before she could talk and took every opportunity to expose her to any form of art. When she was just 12 years old she got the opportunity to go to England on a mission trip where she and her mother got to visit many historical sites and museums. This was where Kaitlin really developed her love for architecture and design. The next year, Kaitlin job-shadowed an interior designer and found her calling. After high school she continued her education at Mississippi College where she earned her Bachelor of Science in Interior Design.

Kaitlin's past experiences and travels have influenced her designs by her use of old antiques and new pieces. She loves the juxtaposition of this style which makes Interior Spaces the perfect place to work because it offers both. Some of her favorite projects are coordinating textiles and designing book shelves because she gets to use this design theory of mixing contrasting patterns, colors, and pieces to create a beautifully balanced style.

Outside of work, Kaitlin has other creative outlets, including photography, painting, and event planning. She has used her education and work experience to enhance these hobbies and now does commissioned artwork, photography shoots, and decorating for different events.

Kaitlin's eye for design and passion for the arts along with her desire to constantly learn in her field allow her to create stylish, cohesive spaces for any style. She would love to help you start or finish any project and create a space that is uniquely you.

Brad Keeler

Brad Keeler

Brad started his love for design at a young age. Brad’s grandmother, Nanny, had a store selling antiques and accessories in the Mississippi Delta and, even as a child, Brad yearned to have his very own store. He has cherished memories of the many times the two of them spent shopping the wonderful stores all over the Delta. Brad’s grandmother taught him about design and decorating and always encouraged him to follow his dreams.

Brad’s education enhanced the lessons he learned growing up. A Bachelor of Landscape Architecture degree from Mississippi State University gave him the ability to combine his passion for interior design with landscape design. Brad believes a truly cohesive design from the exterior to the interior makes for a more pleasing environment for day to day living.

Brad has been a part of Interior Spaces in one way or another since we opened in 1994. He is a dealer in our store with two spaces packed with antiques and estate pieces that mix well in today’s transitional lifestyles. He has fulfilled his dreams of having his own store. During your next adventure at Interior Spaces, seek out Brad and let him show you how to work traditional pieces like Imari, Champ-le-ve’, and Blue & White into your design project.

Today, Brad focuses his incredible eye and talent for spatial planning as Merchandising and Warehouse Manager. It is his job to insure you find a diverse offering of design ideas to inspire you to take home pieces to create beautiful, comfortable and unique living spaces of your own.

Kelli Gledhill

Kelli Gledhill

Kelli says she’s always loved home stuff. But she thought you just went to the local stores and picked out what you liked.

Kelli, who has a Bachelor of Science in Marketing from the University of Southern Mississippi, says she got the opportunity of a lifetime to learn about the whole world of design working for a high-end local interior designer. She says never knew places like ADAC in Atlanta or High Point Furniture Market even existed. She learned how much more there is available to clients and customers when they work with designers who have the resources and the knowledge to find the perfect pieces to build their spaces.

Kelli says finding new things, things that haven’t been done is what truly inspires her. In an industry driven by creativity, things are always changing and changing fast. She gets inspired going to market and searching for beautiful pieces and ideas to bring back to Jackson for our customers.

Kelli has always had a passion and deep appreciation for interior design and the arts. She says she loves what she does, she loves to watch an idea be laid out on paper and then as it comes to life, you see that person fall in love with it.

Beyond work, Kelli’s world is busy with her two young children and she loves to get out and shop just to see what’s out there from clothing to accessories to furniture.

Kelli’s design styles are white and old mixed with new. She just loves white interiors - they are inviting and clean and calm, but she is also a firm believer your home needs variety, needs something dark and not everything painted or bleached. The thing she loves about design are all “things” that make these spaces come to life...the textiles, the furniture, accessories, art...all of it.

Kelli would love to help you bring your ideas to life.